Slowly nature creeps inside me.
Paralyzing, Realizing, Hypnotizing.
Healing me. Changing me. Cleansing me.
Ancient whistles and alien frequency fills the air.
Sifting my psychology and making me aware.
Dissolving my insecurity to find inner stability.
I feel you're pain mother but you still treat me like your son.
What have we done mother.. How could we go wrong. 
Half a million years of confusion and vice. 
Slowly we will awaken to pay the fucking price.
I'm coughing up greed cause I'm choking on oil.
I'm gaging on preservatives and secret agendas.
Purging this poison inside our collective soul..
Primitive confusion harboring religion and spirituality.
Blinded by our insecurities and garnished comforts. 
Take us back mother, take us back. 
We can learn mother, give us one more chance.